Angelbound The Origins series by Christina Bauer

Let me start by saying. I got this trio of books for 99 cents on amazon.

That being said, it really wasn’t a bad read. Decent storyline, some nice plot twists, and who wouldn’t want to be a half girl half dragon which is my best description of Myla the main character without giving away too much.

The series follows the story of Myla through her first love, finding through truth about her family and her overall kicking some A….. butt.

My personal opinion I think certain parts of the story were overly explained and then there were time jumps between the books that left you wondering, what in the world happened in between. I also didn’t care for the progression through discovering love, because we’ll I’m a sucker for a good love story. But there were some suprise I didn’t see coming and there were daring rescues and killing of evil that satisfied my thirst for enjoyment. I’m also totally jealous that Mula has a dragon tail… where can I get one??

Anywho that is my first book review without having to scream spoiler alert.

I would recommend reading if you bought at the price I did.


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